Lillys. The golden legacy turns soul-fillingly tasty.

The journey began almost 50 years back. The yuletide family gatherings, at the ancestral home, would turn succulent, with every member of the family joining the cake mixing ceremony. With the mother of the house being a celebrated cook herself, the passion for fine food and cooking came as natural trait. So does the bent for culinary art.

Ovens, back then, weren’t popular. Yet, Ms. Lilly’s signature oven specialities like X’mas cakes, pan cakes blueberry cake with yoghurt cream were sought-after, in the locale. Her dishes like fish with ash gourd curry, banana & honey tart, aval appam (pancake made of rice flakes) also were equally celebrated.

The same ethos – the spirit of innovation, the passion for goodness, love and the deep respect for tradition – which inspire the family’s jewellery business are the inspiration behind Lillys.

With Lillys, the family’s heralding in a new tantalizing era – blending tradition and contemporary in confectionary and cuisine. Thus bringing unexplored tastes to Kerala’s palate.

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